Best Travel Destinations In Russia

October 22, 2020

Russia offers exotic beauty, spectacular weather, and many attractive places for its tourists. The place has been a center of attraction for years due to historical monuments, cultural sites, museums, and harbors. Russian evenings will give you an unforgettable experience with entering restaurants, dance halls, theaters, and bars. No Russian holiday with your family will be complete without your children knowing their history displayed in the Tretikov Gallery in Moscow. Natural attractions of the country including…


 Known as Russia’s largest resort city, Sochi does not just highlight the size of Sochi. Despite what you might think of the traditional Russian weather, Sochi offers a subtropical Mediterranean climate, which is well suited to enjoy its beautiful pebbles and sandy beaches. Sochi is also located near the stunning Caucasus Mountains and attracts two million visitors every summer.

St. Petersburg

 The city has been the capital of the Russian Empire for more than two centuries and is now a cultural center, as St. Petersburg hosts several art festivals throughout the year. St. Petersburg has more than 50 theaters, museums, and an extensive list of many monuments and architectural attractions.


 This place is often called the third capital of Russia and includes the World Heritage Site Kazan Kremlin. Apart from these attractions, Kazan is the sports capital in Russia. In addition, the city offers many architectural attractions, such as the Temple of Vernicle.

Lake Baikal

Like most of Russia, this lake has a rich heritage; It is the oldest and deepest lake in the world and contains 20 percent of the world’s fresh surface water. While Lake Baikal is a biologist’s dream, with over 1,000 species of plants and 1,550 animal species, you do not need an advanced degree to enjoy Lake Baikal, as it is also an important tourist destination.

Gorky Park

It is, of course, the most famous park in Moscow. Here you will definitely enjoy a walk in the amusement park, as well as leisurely walks along the amazing pond in the park. In winter, you can see ice carving competitions here as well as ice skating.

The Hermitage Museum

It is a popular tourist destination in St. Petersburg and the main attraction of the city. If you love art, this is definitely a place to visit as it is home to paintings by some of the world-renowned artists – artists like Da Vinci and Rembrandt plus Michelangelo and more. Here you have the option of taking a guided tour (where you can hear about the history of the artwork as well as the artists themselves) or not.

 Peter and Paul Fortress

If you know the history of the Romanov family, you will definitely love this place. It is the resting place of the Romanovs. There is also a church worth visiting, which is a center of tourist attraction.

Russia’s size gives you the opportunity to experience unmatched places, sounds, and adventures elsewhere on Earth, but you must have a passport in your hand, so go to the online passport agency and start the passport renewal process quickly. You can then travel to a land of endless culture and adventure. You can travel to Russia.…

Top Attractions And Activities In Portugal

October 12, 2020

Portugal should definitely be included in the list of places to visit. This is especially perfect for tourists who are fond of water adventures because it stretches along the Atlantic Ocean’s coast that reaches up to 800 kilometers, and the beautiful Lisbon is its capital city. Majority of the attractions found in Portugal consist of scenic and rugged landscapes, but since it is along the coast there are numerous beaches that can be enjoyed, aside from villages, coves, and various cultural scenes.

The first on the list of places that must be visited when in Portugal is called Mosteiro dos Jeronimos and it can be found in Lisbon. This church and the monastery that it is connected with are built in Manueline style which explains why the interior has very intricate details, most especially a famous section called South Portal.

For tourists who are very much into marine life, the perfect attraction is called the Oceanario de Lisboa. This is the best option most especially when traveling with kids because this aquarium promotes learning about the conservation of marine life. This aquarium has a variety of sea creatures that are only special to this particular ecosystem in Oceanario de Lisboa; and because Portugal is along the coast different species from Indian oceans, Pacific, Atlantic, and Antarctic are well represented. Some of the different creatures that can be seen up close are penguins, sea otters, rays, and sharks. 

Those tourists who want to be more exposed to the what Portugal has to offer in terms of culture, the National Palace of Sintra is a perfect attraction to pass by. It is found on the central square and nobody will miss it because of its round chimneys that are protruding at the top of its structure. This palace was built in the 14th century and its claim to fame is that it is the oldest palace in existence in Portugal. Upon entering, the various meticulously decorated floors will be seen to have different themes; one of the most popular features inside is called the Sala dos Brasoes which coincidentally is also the main hall of the structure that has an overwhelming dome.

One of the beaches that tourists can visit and enjoy is the Matosinhos Beach which is located at the north side of Porto; what makes is stand out from all the other beaches is that it has golden brown sand that is topped by a promenade. Tourists are really after the fresh air and beautiful view that this beach provides especially in the summer when numerous families are enjoying the outdoors. Matosinhos Beach does not only give tourists the chance to enjoy the water and swim, but it also allows people to do different activities like volleyball and soccer where people can interact and enjoy other people’s company at the same time. And if the season is really good, tourists can even experience the waves and go surfing. 

With all these activities and sights to see in Portugal, it’s not surprising why a lot of people dream of visiting in at least once in their lifetime. …