Top Attractions And Activities In Portugal

October 12, 2020

Portugal should definitely be included in the list of places to visit. This is especially perfect for tourists who are fond of water adventures because it stretches along the Atlantic Ocean’s coast that reaches up to 800 kilometers, and the beautiful Lisbon is its capital city. Majority of the attractions found in Portugal consist of scenic and rugged landscapes, but since it is along the coast there are numerous beaches that can be enjoyed, aside from villages, coves, and various cultural scenes.

The first on the list of places that must be visited when in Portugal is called Mosteiro dos Jeronimos and it can be found in Lisbon. This church and the monastery that it is connected with are built in Manueline style which explains why the interior has very intricate details, most especially a famous section called South Portal.

For tourists who are very much into marine life, the perfect attraction is called the Oceanario de Lisboa. This is the best option most especially when traveling with kids because this aquarium promotes learning about the conservation of marine life. This aquarium has a variety of sea creatures that are only special to this particular ecosystem in Oceanario de Lisboa; and because Portugal is along the coast different species from Indian oceans, Pacific, Atlantic, and Antarctic are well represented. Some of the different creatures that can be seen up close are penguins, sea otters, rays, and sharks. 

Those tourists who want to be more exposed to the what Portugal has to offer in terms of culture, the National Palace of Sintra is a perfect attraction to pass by. It is found on the central square and nobody will miss it because of its round chimneys that are protruding at the top of its structure. This palace was built in the 14th century and its claim to fame is that it is the oldest palace in existence in Portugal. Upon entering, the various meticulously decorated floors will be seen to have different themes; one of the most popular features inside is called the Sala dos Brasoes which coincidentally is also the main hall of the structure that has an overwhelming dome.

One of the beaches that tourists can visit and enjoy is the Matosinhos Beach which is located at the north side of Porto; what makes is stand out from all the other beaches is that it has golden brown sand that is topped by a promenade. Tourists are really after the fresh air and beautiful view that this beach provides especially in the summer when numerous families are enjoying the outdoors. Matosinhos Beach does not only give tourists the chance to enjoy the water and swim, but it also allows people to do different activities like volleyball and soccer where people can interact and enjoy other people’s company at the same time. And if the season is really good, tourists can even experience the waves and go surfing. 

With all these activities and sights to see in Portugal, it’s not surprising why a lot of people dream of visiting in at least once in their lifetime. …

Traveling to Saudi Arabia For Vacation

September 3, 2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia covers much of the Arabian Peninsula. The land is still united in 1932 by King Abdulaziz. It is surrounded by the countries of Oman, Yemen, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates. The country is perhaps the fourteenth largest in the world. This country is made up of deserts, mountains plateaus, and mountain ranges. Most of the people live in the western and eastern coastal areas or in the interior of the nation. The area along the Persian Gulf is rocky and sandy. When it comes to this area, which is mostly covered by deserts, for the most part it has extreme temperatures. However, mountainous regions face occasional snowfall.

As a result of its history, culture, wealth and technological advances, it has become a recognized visitor. Mecca is the most important tourist attraction in this nation, and it is visited by many Muslims throughout the year. Muslims visit this place as per the recommendation of Islam in their spiritual journey and it has the Crest of the Kaaba and the birthplace of their prophet Muhammad, the House of Abdullah Bin Abdul Muttalib.

However, non-Muslims can enter the major cities of Riyadh (capital), Jeddah and Dammam. The last two cities have many beautiful beaches, the first two include beautiful old architecture, and all three are full of exquisite delicacies and interesting museums.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest financial player, attributable to its huge supplies of oil. Considering that oil is used by all industrialized nations, it is incredibly important and the country’s main export product. There are many oil tycoons who are citizens of the nation, although a handful of wealthy Saudis have become involved in other areas such as construction and fast food.

Saudi Arabia is also a hot tradition. In the realm of visual art, professionals must be creative because the Sunni Muslims who rule the country do not allow visual representations of people. Calligraphy, along with the production of striking geometric patterns and floral themes, is prevalent in the fine arts. Ardah’s classical dance form, depicting people moving along lines with cutting weapons or rifles, is dated earlier created from specially made drums and tambourines, examples of the nation’s traditional musical instruments, alongside with some kind of three strings. fiulus. Soccer, much loved throughout the Middle East, is a popular hobby, and many still enjoy camel racing, a centenary.

The other popular destinations in this country are Hasa, Hejaz and Jeddah. Riyadh would be the capital of the country made up of very few buildings and shopping centers and undoubtedly contains one of the largest airports in the world. It is perhaps one of the most progressive cities in a rural area. Hasa, located in the eastern part of it, is famous for its oil deposits, fishing markets and coastal places. Oil deposits attracted foreign investors, contributing to the financial stability of the kingdom. Jeddah is a historic location that fails to attract visitors due to its architectural buildings and world-famous restaurants. Hejaz could be the commercial and commercial place of Saudi Arabia. In addition, it is the cultural capital of the kingdom.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers delicious dishes that satisfy the dinner palace. These dishes can be influenced by Arab cuisine or by various countries internationally such as Eastern, Indian, American and European. International food chains are lovely in the country.…

Top 6 Places To Visit in Morocco

August 7, 2020

When it’s time to choose a new holiday destination, it’s apparent that you will be overwhelmed by places that flock your mind or get suggested by your friends. I’m pretty sure a country located in North Africa, covering part of the Sahara Desert, did not hit your mind. Well, it’s time to change your mind now.

Morocco is Africa’s leading tourist destination for several reasons. It is therefore wise to add Morocco to your next travel plan. Once you arrive in Morocco, getting around the country is pretty straightforward. The major towns in the north are connected by an extensive railway while a superb road network connects the rest of the country. For long distances, taking bus rides is ideal, while using the grand taxis is best for shorter distances. 

Accommodation in Morocco is available in the hotels or Riads (Moroccan style) and is affordable. When it comes to dining, expect the Mint tea, Morocco’s national drink. Also, expect tasty soups, kebabs, Tajine, and pastille, among other local dishes.

What to find in Morocco

Morocco has so much to offer that you won’t have enough time to enjoy it all. Anyway, here is what you’ll find in Morocco.

  1. Ancient cities

Fez and Marrakesh are two of the most famous medieval cities. Fez is so spectacular, and visiting the city teaches of the ancient Moroccan Kingdom. Though tourists are used to Marrakesh, Fez has numerous monuments and ancient souks worth exploring.

  1. The coastline

Morocco borders the Mediterranean sea, which makes the country rich in beaches. Talking of coastal towns and beaches, Agadir is the best destination because it presents a good exploration base. Some cities in the north, such as Asilah, Larache, and Tangier, are located along the coastline and have amazing beaches. To the south, El Jadida, Sidi Ifni, and Essaouria have amazing beaches to show off.  

  1. Mountain ranges

The mountain ranges of Atlas and Rif provide spectacular views to the tourists. Also, there are trekking channels for exploration and adventure. The Jezebel Toubkal is in Morocco too. Interestingly, the mountain is accessible via trekking. 

Beyond the Atlas Mountains lies the Sahara desert. You can visit oases such as Zagora, Skoura, Tinghir, and Tata. You can view the desert horizons from these oases. 

Places to visit

  1. Koutoubia Mosque

Inspired by the Almohad architecture, the Mosque is one of the most unique and beautiful mosques in North Africa.

  1. Casablanca

The traditional town has a modern feel, thanks to the French Art Deco. The blend of the convectional and modern-French designs is known as the Mauresque.

  1. Volubilis and Moulay Idriss

Although Morocco is a 99% Muslim nation, the country has preserved the Roman ruins at Volubilis. While visiting the Roman ruins, you can spend some time in Moulay Idriss, the holy Islamic town.


There is plenty of travel Itinerary in Morocco. It all depends on your budget and time. Camel trekking, hiking, sandboarding, and surfing are some of the activities to try in Morocco.